War Good God y'all
What is it good for?
Absolutely nothing
Say it, Say it, Say it
(music & lyrics by Edwin Starr)

War. Good God


This is EDM appliance challenge, our TV in the den. F and I spend much time here in the evening, watching shows we enjoy, hanging out with our dogs, and chatting.


A sketch of a shirt for the EDM clothing challenge. Pencil in a moleskine sketchbook, large size. This is a shirt from a catalog. I will do a shirt from my own closet next time.


This is my first EDM Challenge sketch. Pencil in a large moleskine sketchbook. Not very good, but I'm showing it anyway.


Most of the works on this blog page are from my little moleskine. Some are from daily journals and some are from a little moleskine I keep in the den for doodling. I like to doodle with color and with paint.

This is a little picture done in the corner of a page in my journal. I have a dream of one day retiring and going on the road for awhile in an RV. I often have this vision of me in motion.