I like to decorate my journal pages and make them colorful. My journal is not a diary. It is a place of expression. Some days I write. Some days I only have visual images. Some days I do both.

There is nothing more boring to me than page after page of handwriting on white paper. I look for emotion and expressiveness when I look at someone's (or my own) journal. That can be expressed in words, true, but as I am a very visual person, I respond more to the visual way the words are placed on the page.


Doodles - doodles - doodles. I love to doodle and do it all the time at work. I have a Rhodia pad at my desk and I keep a micron pen nearby. Anytime the phone rings and the call lasts longer than 2 minutes I automatically pick up the micron and begin doodling. Depending on the length of the phone call determines the complexity of the doodle. If I sit in front of the TV with nothing to do I will usually fall asleep. I usually listen to the TV as I doodle, or play video games on my laptop.

These two doodles were probably done while watching TV. The left one was done using a No. 2 pencil. The right one was done with a Pitt pen, both on moleskine paper.


Nyung-ne. this is a tibetan practice of fast and prayer. I did this "doodle" in a large moleskine with a micron .01 pen.